Frequently Asked Questions about WIN

Who is WIN?
The Women's Initiative Network (WIN) is a group of more than 160 individuals dedicated to promoting and facilitating volunteerism that assists families who utilize the Kennedy Krieger Institute.

What does WIN do?
WIN strongly believes in the power of small acts of kindness, which are incorporated into everything the group does to achieve its mission whether it be a fun event, group activity, or an on-site volunteer opportunity.

How can I get involved in WIN?
It's easy! Please contact our headquarters by calling 443-923-7300 or emailing

There are many ways you can get involved with the Women’s Initiative Network. You can:

  • Volunteer to participate in activities that provide real-time respite to children and families at Kennedy Krieger Institute.
  • Sign-up to receive more information about WIN
  • Make a donation to support the families at Kennedy Krieger through WIN’s efforts
  • Recruit your friends and family members to join you at an upcoming event
  • Join the Winner’s Circle  and get involved with planning upcoming activities

For more information on how you can get involved, email or call 443-923-7300.