Making a Difference

Every day, people like you make a difference in the life of a child at Kennedy Krieger.

Welcome! There are many ways to make a difference in a child’s life, and just as many stories about how people—like you—have helped us fulfill our mission. This blog tells those stories. Check back regularly for inspiring stories, reports from our special events, and information about new initiatives and opportunities for you to get involved.

  1. Maegan's Story

    Maegan's Story

    When it came to their daughter Maegan, the Barnharts always figured that, whatever the future held, it probably didn't include gainful employment.

  2. Cameron's Story

    Cameron's Story

    As 6-year-old Cameron Mott sings and dances her way around her family’s North Carolina living room, it’s obvious she has some serious star power.

  3. Ben's Story

    Ben's Story

    One minute, everyone was enjoying a leisurely ride home on their bikes, and the next minute, tragedy struck when Ben was hit by a car.

  4. Janie and Lily's Story

    Janie and Lily's Story

    Janie has autism, a disorder that affects a child’s ability to communicate, understand language, play, and relate to others.

  5. Juliana's Story

    Juliana's Story

    Juliana’s report card days were always something to dread for her grandmother, Laura Jackson-Bryant, and her mother, Penny Wallace.

  6. Jacob's Story

    Jacob's Story

    Diagnosed with autism, Jacob was overstimulated, and couldn’t make it through the school day without acting out.

  7. Mason's Story

    Mason's Story

    Two hours before Crystal and Mason were scheduled to be discharged, doctors told them that Mason had tumors in his tiny heart.

  8. Carl's Story

    Carl's Story

    After Therapeutic Foster Care gave him a second chance at life, Carl Price is paying it forward by mentoring foster children.

  9. Lily Wilkinson

    Lily's Story

    "Camp SOAR changed the way I feel about my disability by helping me do things I thought I couldn’t do."

  10. Katie's Story

    Katie's Story

    Katie Bickford remembers the pain starting in the 7th grade—it began in her spine and radiated out all over her body.