Making a Difference

Every day, people like you make a difference in the life of a child at Kennedy Krieger.

Welcome! There are many ways to make a difference in a child’s life, and just as many stories about how people—like you—have helped us fulfill our mission. This blog tells those stories. Check back regularly for inspiring stories, reports from our special events, and information about new initiatives and opportunities for you to get involved.

  1. Melissa's Story

    Melissa's Story

    Melissa is completely at home under the bright lights of a stage, and that’s a good thing since she’s a professional magician.

  2. Destiny's Story

    Destiny's Story

    Animal assisted therapy helped lift the spirits of animal lover Destiny Fallas during her rehabilitation from transverse myelitis.

  3. Jenna's Story

    Jenna's Story

    A medical breakthrough by Kennedy Krieger offers hope for new treatments and possibly a cure in Jenna Heck’s lifetime.

  4. Kokayi's Story

    Kokayi's Story

    After a brain tumor blindsided Kokayi and left him without the ability to walk, talk, or even swallow, he fought to get his life back.

  5. Madison's Story

    Madison's Story

    For the Edwards’ two daughters, Kennedy Krieger exhausted every option to give a definitive diagnosis for one, and help allay concerns for other.

  6. Perry's Story

    Perry's Story

    After cancer and chemotherapy left her fragile, Perry found her strength with the help of Kennedy Krieger’s Specialized Transition Program.

  7. James' Story

    James' Story

    After more than 15 years of receiving services at Kennedy Krieger Institute, James Williams III is redefining his potential.

  8. Matthew S's Story

    Matthew S's Story

    Matthew Slattery defied expectations in his recovery from traumatic brain injury with the help of the brain injury rehabilitation program.

  9. Fabian's Story

    Fabian's Story

    A mother’s journey to save her son leads her from Africa to Kennedy Krieger and PACT’s specialized child care program.

  10. Matthew L's Story

    Matthew L's Story

    After early intervention helped her son, Marlo Lemon teamed up with Kennedy Krieger’s Center for Autism for minority outreach.