Making a Difference

Every day, people like you make a difference in the life of a child at Kennedy Krieger.

Welcome! There are many ways to make a difference in a child’s life, and just as many stories about how people—like you—have helped us fulfill our mission. This blog tells those stories. Check back regularly for inspiring stories, reports from our special events, and information about new initiatives and opportunities for you to get involved.

  1. Gallery of Gratitude

    Gallery of Gratitude

    See how Kennedy Krieger’s supporters made a difference in the lives of the Institute’s patients and students, and their families, over the past year!

  2. A headshot of Bradley Schlaggar, President and CEO of Kennedy Krieger

    A Letter of Gratitude

    Dr. Bradley Schlaggar, our president and CEO, thanks Kennedy Krieger's staff members and trainees, and our generous donors, for their commitment to...

  3. Cure for Ellie Check Presentation 2021

    It truly takes a village to tackle a problem as complex as LBSL, and we are thankful to the McGinn family.

  4. Howard in a purple sweater

    Howard’s Story

    A spinal cord bacterial infection changed Howard’s life, but with the help of Kennedy Krieger’s dedicated doctors, nurses and therapists, Howard...

  5. Chris in a green shirt and hat

    Chris’s Story

    Listen to former football player Chris express his gratitude for his doctors, nurses and therapists, and for donors like you who have helped make his...

  6. Peyton and Kennedy Krieger Employee

    Peyton’s Story

    Watch your donation translate to Peyton’s success with the help of our G-EO System™ exoskeleton technology.

  7. Anthem Video Thumbnail

    A New, Uplifting Video About Kennedy Krieger Institute

    We offer you a new, uplifting video about Kennedy Krieger Institute, our patients and the unique work being done every day.

  8. Healthcare Heroes Video Thumbnail

    Celebrating Our Healthcare Heroes

    Please join us in our gratitude for the dedication and service of Kennedy Krieger's healthcare heroes.

  9. Telehealth

    With Telehealth, Patients Continue Therapy While Staying at Home

    Kennedy Krieger has moved quickly to increase its ability to provide telehealth services for its patients, so they may continue to receive the care...

  10. Kennedy Krieger Employees Give Back

    Kennedy Krieger employees display the power of a united front.