Unlocking Noah's Potential to Learn


Noah loves music, singing, and making up his own jokes. He loves to help people, too. But when Noah was younger, it was hard to see his natural gifts. His teachers and those closest to him were overwhelmed by his difficult behaviors. “He wasn’t getting the support he needed,” recalls Noah’s mom, Diana. “He just didn’t know how to cope.”

Then, they found Kennedy Krieger’s Montgomery County School. The school was able to offer Noah what other schools could not: an understanding of the brain-behavior relationship in children with autism, and how to translate this knowledge into academic success. Kennedy Krieger worked with the family to understand Noah’s needs and how best to motivate him, and provide the support he needed to learn.

Now in high school, Noah is thriving. This past year was a special one for Noah. He won awards for most improved student and the president’s education award for outstanding academic achievement. “He’s just come so far,” says Diana. “We could not have done it without Kennedy Krieger.”