Rosedale Federal Invests in Kennedy Krieger

Rosedale Federal

What’s the best way to make Kennedy Krieger High School seniors whoop with delight? It’s simple: present them each with a crisp, new $50 bill at their graduation ceremony.

When the students receive their gifts—accompanied by a friendly note encouraging them to start down a path of saving and managing their money well—they erupt in cheers. This outpouring of joy is made possible thanks to Rosedale Federal Savings and Loan Association, a 106-year-old community bank in its fifth year of investing in Kennedy Krieger in such a meaningful way.

Nancy Alperstein, a vice president at Rosedale Federal and parent of a former Kennedy Krieger High School student, says that the bank is “happy to be a part of the Kennedy Krieger family.” And that’s just what our donors are—part of our family, playing a special role in bettering the lives of the children we serve. Learn more about corporate giving opportunities.