USA TODAY/Media Planet March Magazine Cover Features Teen Patient

Greg Kenney's StoryIt is no wonder that Greg Kenney’s cover story in USA Today/Media Planet’s March magazine section was nominated for the “Best Editorial” quarterly campaign award at Media Planet’s ceremony in New York City on March 29, 2017. His story deserved national recognition.

The magazine supplement’s theme was “Brain and Spine Health.” It featured educational articles as well as stories about patients who had to overcome extreme situations involving brain injuries caused by a variety of factors. The cover article details Greg’s severe injury and slow recovery from a coma. At the young age of 17, he experienced cardiac arrest leading to fifteen minutes of blood and oxygen deprivation to his brain. The overwhelming task in his treatment was to wake from his coma and to learn all things anew.

The featured article includes a photo of Greg and his mom, Stephanie Watson. She served as a constant coach, while his inpatient Kennedy Krieger team was led by Suzanne Prestwich, M.D. Greg spent his 18th birthday as an inpatient before being transferred to a specialized Kennedy Krieger day program for the next six months.

Greg Kenney’s life story has already been quite profound for someone who experienced such adversity at 17. His future promises to be equally profound as he navigates his childhood dream of being on Broadway, beginning with a major in musical theater at college next year.

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