Kennedy Krieger Gratitude Report

2017 Gratitude Report: Turning Research Into Results

This year’s Gratitude Report, prepared for our generous donors, features stories about exciting research projects happening right now at Kennedy Krieger Institute to help kids live their lives to the fullest. None of these advances or stories would be possible without the support of the donors and volunteers who make a difference in the lives of our patients and families every day:

Mind Over Movement

Mind Over Movement

At the Center for Neurodevelopmental Imaging and Research, a new study is examining the benefits of tai chi for kids with ADHD. Read more in “Mind Over Movement.”

Building Muscle That Lasts

Building Muscle

Kennedy Krieger’s Center for Genetic Muscle Disorders is one of only a handful of centers in the world providing expert clinical care and seeking new therapies for individuals with disorders like muscular dystrophy. Read more in “Building Muscle That Lasts.”

Measure Improvement, Anticipate Success

Measure Improvement, Anticipate Success.

Tools developed by research scientists at Kennedy Krieger’s Center for Brain Injury Recovery allow for more accurate prognoses after brain injury. Read more in “Measure Improvement, Anticipate Success.”

Unmasking Rare Diseases

Unmasking Rare Diseases

Researchers at the Moser Center for Leukodystrophies are examining disorders and diseases at the genetic level, making it possible for us to treat patients better than ever before. Read more in “Unmasking Rare Diseases.”

Progress Report CoverOur research makes a world of difference to more than 24,000 kids each year. See how the numbers break down in our special PDF iconinfographic on research at Kennedy Krieger For more information about our research projects, visit our website’s Research & Training page.

So much of our research is made possible by our generous donors. PDF iconWe've illuminated just a few of the reasons why your gift matters

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