Healing After a Concussion


Morgan loves sports, and is known for her high energy and athleticism. But a sledding accident threatened to change that. During an afternoon playing in the snow, Morgan’s sled veered out of control and her head collided with her big sister’s. No one knew it at the time, but Morgan had sustained a concussion.

Concussion care is complex—unlike with a broken arm in a cast, you can’t see into the brain to find out its condition. With young children especially, it can be difficult to discern normal behavior from symptoms like irritability, and to keep them from further injury which could cause lasting damage.

Morgan’s mom brought her to Kennedy Krieger, where experts have been treating children with brain injuries for nearly 40 years, and its researchers are at the forefront of investigating the best ways to diagnose and treat concussions and prevent long-term effects on the brain. Read Morgan’s story.