Bearman Foundation Brings Multisensory Room to High School

Multisensory Room

Imagine a space that makes you feel protected: a place where anxiety is squelched and restoration is possible. For children with behavioral challenges and sensory sensitivities, this type of environment is critical. Now,thanks to the generosity of The Herbert Bearman Foundation, this place is a reality for students with disabilities at Kennedy Krieger High School.

The new multisensory room provides a safe environment for students who are unable to properly process sensory stimulation or who have difficulty with self-regulation. The room was specifically designed to reduce, avoid, or channel the traits that impede independence and participation in the classroom. Specialized equipment allows for tailored approaches to meet the individual therapeutic and educational needs of students. Advanced equipment includes a chair embedded with speakers and vibrations; fiber-optic floor-to-ceiling strands that change colors, providing visual and tactile input as they are manipulated; and a pressure-sensitive wall panel that can be written on with a pen light, causing drawings to glow temporarily providing visual stimulation, handwriting training, and self-regulation skills.

Multisensory rooms are proven to help students achieve a calm state of readiness for communication and learning. With the addition of this important space, multisensory environments are now available at every Kennedy Krieger school.