2019 Gratitude Report

2019 Gratitude Report:
A Celebration of Giving

With our annual gratitude report, we honor our donors—the many individuals, families and organizations around the world who choose to give to and support Kennedy Krieger Institute.

We’re so thankful for our donors. Without their generosity and kindness, we wouldn’t be able to serve 24,000 patients and students a year with treatment, therapy, education and research to help them live their lives to the fullest.

This year, we’re highlighting several of the many families who support Kennedy Krieger. We’re grateful that so many people—whether as individuals or families, or through an organization—make the Institute a priority when it comes to giving back.

To all of our donors: Thank you! To those considering become a donor or volunteer, please join us!

Back row: Nick Cortezi, Leslie Bellavia, and Meg and Lynn Cortezi. Front row: Finn and Ben Bellavia-Cortezi.All in for Kennedy Krieger

With Ben on the road to recovery, the Cortezi family started thinking of how they could help other families at Kennedy Krieger.

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Barbara and Ron WalcherMaking a Difference, Together

Early in their marriage, Dr. Ron and Barbara Walcher found that by living simply, they could give liberally.

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Last summer, WIN members raised money for a mobile digital game unit. Back row: Lisa Vogel and Aimee Fulchino. Front row: inpatients using the unitFor the Good of Others

WIN's co-presidents, Aimee Fulchino and Lisa Vogel, are passionate about helping Kennedy Krieger's patients and students.

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Landon Brown, pictured holding an award he received in recognition of his fundraising effortsChampion for Kennedy Krieger

Landon Brown loves sports. You name it, he's played it—and excelled. He's also one of the Institute's top youth fundraisers.

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Lainy LeBow-SachsA Lasting Legacy

Throughout her 23 years of outreach and fundraising for Kennedy Krieger, Lainy LeBow-Sachs has inspired thousands to support the Institute.

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Dave Hickey and Pablo PineyroStanding Up to Support Neurodiversity

Maryland-based life sciences company BD Diagnostic Systems has joined Kennedy Krieger in promoting neurodiversity in the workplace.

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Paul (left) and Susan (center) Wolman meet with Alexandra Chrissell, a Baltimore City Public Schools teacher and Teach for America fellowA Family Tradition

Supporting a special education initiative at Kennedy Krieger was a natural fit for Paul Wolman and his family.

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Gallery of Gratitude

Photos of our donors at Institute events.

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