KKI FIELD TRIPS November 2018

Dear Women’s Initiative Network,

My daughter Margot was diagnosed with AFM in September of this year. She was in ICU at the
Childrens Hospital of Milwaukee, Wisconsin for five weeks. We researched rehabilitation
facilities and were fortunate to be able to go to our number one choice of KKI in Baltimore, MD.
We arrived at KKI on October 17, 2018.

Our first few weeks were rehab, rehab and what else can I say but more rehab. As Margot
continued to improve we were asked if we would like to go on two field trips. One trip to Build
A Bear and the other to the National Aquarium. I cannot thank you enough for supporting these
wonderful outings for the patients and parents at KKI. First of all, my 18 month old daughter
thought the bus ride was great fun. She liked going UP and DOWN on the bus lift. The ride also
provided entertainment on our way. Many songs the driver would belt out and the children and
parents would join in as best they could.

Build A Bear: Oh my, oh my, I wish you all could have been there to see Margot’s face light up
when we entered the store. Margot is able to walk with help, she saw a stroller for sale,
grabbed on to it and tooled around the store wanting to fill it with the bears. She picked a bear
that was covered in hearts and a pink soccer outfit that had a warrior symbol on it. Now you,
you might be thinking, “How Cute!” It was more than cute. Margot’s journey has touched the
hearts of so many people. Our family, friends, community, the caregivers in ICU, and the
wonderful staff and patients at KKI, have all been touched by this little girls courage and
smiles. Her Daddy started calling her his little warrior, and took a passage from Judges 6:12,
“The Lord is with you, mighty WARRIOR.” It was the perfect bear for our little girl. We are so
grateful to your organization for providing us with a taste of normalcy, adventure, excitement
and connecting with other patients and parents with an everyday event. Margot and I had not
been outside for 7 weeks. It was a sunny beautiful day. THANK YOU

National Aquarium: Yeah, another bus ride with entertainment. Margot’s eyes got so big when
she saw the fish swim past her. Some of her favorites, were the jellyfish, turtles and sharks. It
was great. This was just a perfect place for AFM kids. It was so wheelchair friendly. As we left
each of the children were given a gift to remember their field trip with. Margot received a
magnetic fish book and a whale wrist wrap. Margot and her siblings plays with them still.

The generosity that the Women’s Initiative Network shows to patients and their families at KKI
is truly a help and a blessing to their recovery. The field trips lifted all of our spirits as we
enjoyed watching our children having FUN FILLED moments during their recovery.

Once again, Margot and I want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts. May God continue
to bless the work you do for children.

Stacy Becker
Delavan, Wisconsin