Hope Fund

The HOPE FUND - You can help kids and adults with Spinal Cord Injuries

The HOPE FUND helps individuals with spinal cord injuries who qualify for needs-based assistance to cover some of the costs associated with their treatment. Support can include stipends for:

  • Transportation/travel
  • Lodging
  • Special home equipment
  • Medication copays
  • Access to the Wellness Center’s specialized therapy equipment
  • Treatment visits when insurance runs out
  • Purchase specialized therapy equipment

The Need

A spinal cord injury can be overwhelming even in the best of physical, emotional and financial circumstances. There are uncertainties and fears. Treatment costs and overall logistics are quite challenging. Family income is often diminished, resulting in heightened stress. Recovery can be affected when financial burdens become paramount. Many patient families need additional support. With your donations, the HOPE FUND can provide that support.

The support the Kennedy Krieger Institute provided lightened our financial burden during a time when we had exhausted all monetary options.

HOPE FUND Recipients

Patient families can apply for support. A group comprised of therapists, a social worker, and intake counselors review patient needs and award available funds. Donations from individuals, corporations, and foundations support the HOPE FUND and provide assistance to those who need it the most.

Help Unlock a Patient’s Potential

Donations have a much needed and direct impact on the lives of patients and their families.

Make a Gift to the HOPE FUND Now

The help provided by the Hope FUND allowed our son to be treated without having to drive over 100 miles back and forth each day. It helped with lodging and we didn’t have to skip meals.

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