Create Your Own Event

From bake sales and dinner parties to golf tournaments and 5K runs, fundraising events come in all shapes and sizes. But whether simple or elaborate, each event is valuable and unique because of the personal touch and dedication of the volunteers.

Want to host a fundraiser or event to help our patients, students, and families? Our online fundraising platform makes it easy. Personalize your page, share with friends and family, and help raise funds and awareness for the Institute. For more information about hosting your own fundraiser to benefit Kennedy Krieger Institute, visit

Get Started Now

If you’d like to host your own fundraising event, here are a few things to do to get started:

  1. Form a planning committee. The more people you  get involved in planning and running your event, the better. It’s helpful to have a core group of people who are in charge of choosing the date, organizing the activities, and coordinating on the day of the event.
  2. Brainstorm event ideas. Once your planning committee is in place, spend some time brainstorming creative ideas, especially if you want to attract a crowd. If you’re stuck, a quick Internet search on “fundraising event ideas” or “ideas for fundraising” can help, Visit our photo galleries for inspiration and ideas.
  3. Set a budget. There’s no “right” number. However, you should do everything you can to keep costs down—lower event costs mean more of the money you raise can go toward helping the children of Kennedy Krieger. Try asking vendors to donate goods and services for the event.
  4. Set a date and develop a timeline. Try to schedule your event so that it doesn’t conflict with other events your target audiences might want to attend, or with religious holidays. Once you’ve set a date, develop a timeline of tasks you need to accomplish before the event. More time planning means less time worrying on the day of the event.
  5. Complete our FileThird Party Events Proposal FormThird-party events that feature the Kennedy Krieger name and/or logo require pre-approval. Make sure you get approval for your event before you start promoting it.
  6. Promote your event. Social media is a fantastic way to publicize your event, because people can easily promote the event to online friends. And don’t forget good old-fashioned flyers! Sometimes the best way to reach people is with a sign on a bulletin board or a stack of flyers at a church, school, or community meeting.
  7. Hold the event and collect the funds. Tax laws can be tricky, so please feel free to contact us if you have any questions about tax deductibility, sales tax, etc. After you’ve collected the funds, we ask that you forward them to us within 30 days of the event. Tax receipts will be issued approximately four weeks from the date we receive the funds.
  8. Thank you…and be sure to thank everyone involved! Take the time to thank your hard-working volunteers and donors. Celebrate your accomplishments and let everyone know how much was raised!

How We Can Help

  • Event planning and guidance. We’ve got a lot of experience with producing highly successful events. Let us share some of our experience and expertise with you.
  • Letters of support. A letter of support from Kennedy Krieger validating the authenticity of your event can help you recruit volunteers, solicit donations, and sometimes get discounts on venues and event services.
  • Acknowledgement. We’re always happy to publicly acknowledge any direct contributions raised by your event.
  • Pre-addressed envelopes. We can provide envelopes that make it easier for event participants to send contributions directly to us.
  • Promotional websites. A website for your event is a great way to communicate with volunteers, get the word out to the community, and provide answers to frequently asked questions about your event. We can even set up your promotional site so that donors can give right through your site, using our secure server!
  • Promote your event on our site and social media. Once your event has been approved, we’d be delighted to do our part with getting the word out.
  • Provide Kennedy Krieger materials, including marketing collateral, brochures, and even Kennedy Krieger branded giveaways (limited quantities available).

As you can tell by now, we make it easy for any group or individual to host their own event to raise money for Kennedy Krieger! If you’d like to get started, please visit our Third Party Events Policies and Guidelines page and complete our FileThird Party Events Proposal Form

Event Proposal

Thank you for your interest in raising funds for Kennedy Krieger Institute. We are grateful to have you support our mission of improving the lives of children and adolescents with pediatric developmental disabilities through patient care, special education, research, and professional training. Because we receive so many inquiries, the Kennedy Krieger Institute senior management team and staff have developed some policies and procedures to help you and assist us in learning about your plans. If you are interested in planning an event for the Kennedy Krieger Institute, you must submit a completed

FileThird Party Events Proposal Form

  • All fundraising events for Kennedy Krieger Institute require written permission from the Institute in advance.
  • A Special Event Proposal Form (link above) must be completed and submitted to Kennedy Krieger’s Office of Philanthropy before approval can be granted.
  • Kennedy Krieger Institute reserves the right to deny any application for a special event/fundraising program that does not appropriately reflect the mission of the Institute.

In order to ensure consistency among our fundraising events when planning your event, please abide by our
FileSpecial Event Policies and Guidelines

We also request that anyone wishing to host an event sign and return our
FileThird Party Events Proposal Form

Each year, there are more than 100 events in our community that raise money for Kennedy Krieger Institute. These events range from raffles to golfing events to school projects. View our photo galleries to get ideas for your event.