Benefit Concert by Maggie & Matthew Schneider

June 22 | 5:00 pm

Location: Baltimore Museum of Art, 10 Art Museum Dr., Baltimore, MD 21218

Join Maggie and Matthew Schneider as they perform with a quartet of Juilliard-trained musicians and world-class virtuosos, including the renowned Byung K. Kwak, to benefit the children at Kennedy Krieger Institute. This wonderful family-friendly event features incredible musical performances, a reception with elegant yet fun hors d'oeuvres, and an opportunity to support a cause that benefits so many!

Two gifted children, Maggie and Matthew Schneider began their musical training at 18 months at the Peabody Institute in Baltimore. Now, at the ages of 9 and 8, they are training with Byung K. Kwak, current professor and pre-college faculty member at the Manhattan School of Music and a legendary violinist and instructor. Every year, the children donate their time and talents by performing a concert with the philanthropic goal of supporting childhood-related noble causes. Driven by Maggie and Matthew's hard work, Mr. Kwak and other world-class musicians are joining to help these two young philanthropic hearts. For these children, their focus is not advertising their talents, but to provide for their community, and encourage others in their generation to follow suit.

Proceeds benefit Kennedy Krieger Institute. This event is sponsored by SASPM.

Attendance to the post-performance reception is limited, please RSVP below. If you cannot attend, please consider supporting Maggie and Matthew's philanthropic efforts with a donation.


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If you prefer to support Maggie and Matthew's efforts with a check, please send to:

Kennedy Krieger Foundation, Attn: Philanthropy - Benefit Concert, 707 N. Broadway, Baltimore, MD 21205