Help Patients and Families

Help Now ButtonThe Kennedy Krieger Institute Guest Relations and Child Life/Therapeutic Recreation departments are committed to providing patients and caregivers with all their needs to encourage them to remain in the building. Listed below are opportunities for philanthropic support to offset unanticipated expenditures:

Feed Our Families and Caregivers

With new visitation restrictions and limited food options, the Institute is providing meals to families and caregivers. Your gift can support meal trays, dinner from a local restaurant or snacks for the parent lounge.​ 

  • ​Dinner from a local restaurant for patients and families:  $375 per day
  • Hospital meal trays (3 meals/day for 25-30 parents):  $450 per day
  • Non-perishable snacks/instant meals for patients and families:  $1,000 for one month's supply
  • Meal from a local restaurant, for essential onsite weekend staff (approximately 65 people):  $650
  • Meal from a local restaurant, for essential onsite weekday staff (approximtely 250 people):  $2,000 - $2,500

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Parent Essentials Kits

Increased restrictions prevent parents from leaving the hospital to restock supplies. To keep families and patients safe, Kennedy Krieger is now providing essential items such as toiletries and supplies.

  • Toiletries (shower supplies, lotion, chap stick, ear plugs, dental hygiene, deodorant, etc.):  $1,500
  • Supplies (pajamas, clothing, blankets, pacifiers) etc.:  $1,500

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Stock the Parent Lounge

The Parent Lounge provides an area for parents to eat, relax and work without interruptions from children or staff. Your gift can support coffee and tea supplies, snacks and mindfulness activities for parents.

  • Food storage supplies (saran wrap/zip loc bags):  $100 for one month's supply
  • Complimentary condiment packets (ketchup, mustard, seasonings, etc.):  $100 for one month's supply
  • Paper goods, plastic ware (plates, bowls, cups, utensils):  $125 for one week's supply
  • Mindfulness activities (adult coloring books and gel pens):  $300 for one month's supply
  • Coffee/tea & supplies (the average parent drinks 2 or more cups a day):  $500 for one week's supply 

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Patient Activities and Entertainment

Our patients are now coping with less visitors and decreased play time opportunities as a result of new visitation restrictions. The Child Life/Therapeutic Recreation team has developed creative ways to engage patients in activities that incorporate therapy goals, while honoring the increased restrictions. Your gift can fund arts and craft supplies, prizes and other activities.

  • Electronics for patient rooms (CD players, DVD players):  $50 per room
  • Weekly In-room pizza party: $150 per party (just patients):  $300 per party (patients and parents)
  • Crafts supplies to send gifts to siblings who are unable to visit:  $250
  • iTunes gift cards:  $600
  • Headphones (per patient):  $600
  • In-room “zoom” group activities (tie dye, paint nights, group crafts):  $650 per activity
  • Monthly “social distancing/in-room zoom” parties for patients and parents:  $1,000 for an entire month
  • Individual Craft Kits and art supplies for patients to use in room and/or during therapy:  $1,200 for one month's supply
  • Individual games/activities for inpatient rooms (cards, games, puzzles, books, etc.):  $2,500 for the unit
  • iPads & Cases - To be used to keep in touch with family members who unable to visit:  $5,500
  • Toys/Rewards (Prizes for group games, used for reaching therapy goals and birthdays):  $100 - $5,000
  • Going home basket/bags – As patients discharge, they will be going home to state which are enforcing a “stay-at-home” order.  Staff will be providing activities/games for the families to take home that would be age/ability-appropriate for the patients:  $100 - $5,000

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